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Tax-exempt savings instruments, home-owner loans for acquisition, renovation and construction, and tools for change to support First Nations seeking to revitalize their housing.

ABSCAN’s main objective is to offer savings products to First Nations members and institutions in Canada and provide financial support in the form of loans to this same clientele.

ABSCAN invests the funds thus collected and grants loans to recognized band councils of First Nations of Quebec and their members who are eligible to apply for and obtain a loan from ABSCAN in the real estate, institutional and commercial sectors.

ABSCAN invests in First Nations housing through:

  • Loans to owner-occupants (construction, acquisition, renovation, privatization of band council housing); and
  • Direct loans to First Nations (community housing, multi-dwelling units, introduction and enhanced gross-up of local revolving loan funds for housing loans, etc.).

For many years, communities have faced major housing problems and the situation is worsening year after year.

ABSCAN offers First Nations an innovative savings and financing solution:

  • Housing loans adjusted to Nations’ priorities and restrictions resulting from land and property regimes
  • Support to explore potential solutions to create or increase the ability to grant loans directly to creditworthy individuals without guarantees from the Nations

ABSCAN is a non profit, social benefit corporation, controlled and managed by First Nation members. Our goal is to put First Nations savings at work for First Nations housing in the most effective and secure way possible.


Put First Nations savings at work for First Nations housing in the most effective and secure way possible.

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SOCCA is a specialized financial institution firmly established among First Nations since 1992. SOCCA offers financing products and services in the form of non-refundable contributions, term loans and coaching to start, acquire or expand Aboriginal businesses. Our mission is to offer advice and adapted financial services that meet the needs and expectations of First Nations of Quebec and the Native Alliance of Quebec and their members.

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